Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Bounds Estimation in R

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Manipulation Robust Regression Discontinuity Bounds Estimation in R - Beta Version (0.95)

This is a public repository for the R package rdbounds, implementing the estimation procedure developed in the paper: Bounds on Treatment Effects in Regression Discontinuity Designs under Manipulation of the Running Variable, with an Application to Unemployment Insurance in Brazil, by François Gerard, Miikka Rokkanen, and Christoph Rothe.

This is a beta version of the code and is still undergoing testing. We appreciate any feedback or issues noted. Please direct your comments to leonard.goff at columbia.edu.

See rdbounds.pdf for documentation. The code is viewable in R/rdbounds.R.

You may install the rdbounds package directly from this repository using the devtools package, by running the following commands in R (the first three lines may not be necessary if you already have the corresponding packages installed):


Alternatively, you may download rdbounds_0.95.tar.gz and install the package from source code. You will need to also install the packages formattable and data.table if you do not have them already.

Here’s some test code to get you going, once installed:

df<-rdbounds_sampledata(30000, covs=TRUE)
rdbounds_est<-rdbounds(y=df$y,x=df$x, covs=df$cov, treatment=df$treatment, c=0,
                       discrete_x=FALSE, discrete_y=FALSE, bwsx=c(.1,1), bwy = .1,
                       kernel="triangular", orders=c(1,1),
                       evaluation_ys = seq(from = 0, to=23, by=.1), ymin=0, ymax=23,
                       right_effects=TRUE, yextremes = c(0,23),
rdbounds_summary(rdbounds_est, title_prefix="Sample Data Results")